Anna Koppenhout using books to support speech and language. development with a child

What our clients say about their experiences…

Anna has been invaluable to our whole family and she has guided our family to get help for our son who has now been diagnosed with Autism. I was very emotional at the thought of our son’s therapy coming to an end as Anna had been my biggest support. She has recently handed over his care to the SLT in his nursery, a specialist provision for children with Social Communication difficulties including ASD.

Anna  has worked with our son for 1.5 years starting when he was 2 years old. When she started our son was almost non-verbal (he only had a couple of words and an anchor sound for everything). Now he speaks in phrases and is able to sing songs and nursery rhymes. Anna has a holistic approach to speech therapy that not only works on a child’s speech but also helps advance the child developmentally. Our son was very difficult when she started speech therapy with him, but she was able to reach to him in spite of his sensory difficulties.

He absolutely adores her and asks to see her every other day. He has made enormous progress in speech and other developmental skills. We thank Anna for her help and support!

Mrs. P Worcester Park

Anna Koppenhout has been a part of our son’s care team since our son was diagnosed as having ASD. Anna has been the key member of the team: without Anna’s input our son would not have made such tremendous progress. Anna has a wonderful ability of assisting the child to feel comfortable and secure in her company, whilst directing the sessions in a fun manner.

Anna worked extremely well with our family to understand the goals and targets we had for our son, all the while advising us of the key areas our son needed support. We were provided with an in-depth and extremely useful assessment and educational recommendations. Anna has always encouraged our son in a way that empowered and inspired him. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anna’s services as she has been a lifeline to our family.

 VH from Ealing

I wanted to say thank you so much for your help. I found your session so helpful and with good tips to move forward. Very helpful in a what was turning out to be a tough situation for all of us. I would definitely recommend you to any of my friends if they find themselves in a similar situation.

Mrs H from Wandsworth

We’ve been seeing Anna for the past 14 months and the improvement in our now 3 ½ year old son is beyond amazing. He was not talking at all or even making eye contact before we started speech therapy with Anna and in just a little over a year our son is a completely transformed little boy. He now initiates conversations, responds, interacts with his peers and siblings, but most importantly he went from being shy, withdrawn and in his own world to a bubbly, happy, affectionate little boy.

We simply can’t express how grateful we are to have met Anna and how lucky we feel to have had the wonderful good fortune of having her treat our precious boy.

SA from Kensington

Anna has worked with my son briefly but during that time she displayed a professional approach. She was always around to offer help and support and answer any questions I had. My son immediately took to Anna which helped so much. I am very sad that our therapy has come to an end but want to thank you again for all your help and support. 

VK from Ewell

Thank you very much for the advice and tips you gave to our family. Our son has improved a lot since our meeting last month. The approach with giving him space to express himself, follow his lead and interact on things he finds interesting, did miracles! We could see big changes with him spontaneously saying words at only one week afterwards. In the last month he’s had an explosion of words, singing, enjoying imitating and making all sort of new sounds. We are very happy that he is making progress and to be honest we don’t worry that much anymore.

CP from Surbiton

Thank you for the wonderful support, guidance and confidence you have given and developed in “B” over the last nine months or so. Your hard work has been greatly appreciated by us all and “B” has enjoyed your sessions a great deal- Thank you. How lucky we have been in finding such an expert, but also such a kind person to support her speech.

Manon Sheard from Petersham

I used the services of Anna Koppenhout for online therapy during a difficult time as the pandemic began. Our son has a diagnosis of a rare genetic syndrome, which is linked with cleft issues and speech delay, The experience of getting feedback on our interactions with him via virtual speech therapy was highly valuable. Under Anna’s guidance, our son went from non-verbal to signing using Makaton and using 2/3 word phrases.

What I never realised as a mother is that a therapist can guide you as the parent, (who spends the most time with your child) as to how best to communicate with your child. They are trained to see exactly what level your child is functioning at and how to pitch your communication at the right level. I would highly recommend the services of Anna to other families.

LR from Bromley, seen virtually

We’ve been working with Anna for around 5 months and in this time she has visited our home and our son’s nursery to ensure we are all working with the same techniques and strategies to help our son’s communication skills grow. Anna’s advice is very valuable and we look forward to continuing our journey with Apple Tree Speech.

Claire Erskine Kingston

Anna worked with our 4 year old son for over a year both remotely and in person in our home and at nursery. She quickly focused in on the areas that he needed the greatest help with, gave us the tools and exercises to help him further at home and ensured that the sessions were fun and engaging. Anna helped our son to such an extent that his learning in his first year of school was not impacted at all and he significantly benefited from Anna’s experience and assistance.

Helen Cole Wandsworth

Anna’s knowledge of the local Kingston and Richmond education systems and her close relationships with other local professionals, such as developmental pediatricians and occupational therapists, really make her stand apart as an exceptional speech therapist. Our son needed the close intervention from a team of professionals and Anna was able to work well and collaborate. Anna worked closely with our son’s school, teachers and Achieving for Children (local Borough and NHS services) to get the best outcome for him.

I have recommended Anna to many other parents and I know they’ve all been very pleased with her work.

Cristina Sonnemann Ham